Meager Harvest for Local Vineyards

8-9 wineASHLAND, Ore. –  Local winemakers are preparing for a meager harvest this year after losing much of their fruit.

Winemakers in the valley say a combination of winter freeze from back in December and spring hail caused irreparable damage to many of their grapes.

While some lost only a few, other winemakers had to abandon entire plants, losing 60-70% of their entire harvest.

They say that loss could have an impact for several years.

“If they replaced [their plant] this year… Probably three years minimum to get any production on it. And it would be about five to seven to get full production,” said Kurt Lotspeich, Co-Owner of Trium Vineyards.

Lotspeich says consumers won’t notice anything for a couple of years at least, and even then he doesn’t anticipate significant market shortage.

He also says, despite the losses, this summer has been excellent for the grapes that did survive. And even though there will be fewer grapes, flavor and quality could be very high.