View of Forest Fires from Above

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NEAR GLENDALE, Ore. — As firefighters continue to contain the Douglas Complex, cameras are keeping an eye in the sky for flare-ups.

The Dutchman Butte fire protection lookout hasn’t been staffed since 2008 because a camera is now mounted on top of the original lookout and it does everything; the camera spins 360 degrees every seven minutes, stalking the smoky skies.

The camera looks for any measurable change from the last time it took a spin, like new plumes of smoke or clouds. If something different appears, fire officials can react. The camera and lookout spot were protected in the heat of the fire during its early stages by a burn out.

The Douglas Complex is now at 45,698 acres and 55% contained. Fire officials say crews are in a demobilization stage with groups heading home each day.

Even though they are in the mop-up stage, fire officials say burnout efforts are happening through the rest of the week, so residents can expect hazy skies for some time.