Vietnam Memorial Replica Proposed

7-12 vietnam wallMEDFORD, Ore. – A group of local veterans and lawmakers is trying to make Medford the first city on the west coast to build a replica Vietnam Memorial.

Representative Sal Esquivel, Medford City Councilor Eli Matthews, and Southern Oregon Veterans Benefit President Russ McBride have started fundraising for the wall.

On Saturday the group gathered at Sportsman’s Warehouse to promote the $250,000 project, which would put a 250-foot long wall in Veterans Memorial Park.

That wall would include all the names carved on the Washington DC Memorial.

“This wall has a healing effect,” said Representative Sal Esquivel, who served in the Navy during the Vietnam War. “It has a healing effect not only for the veteran, but also for society as a whole that they understood that they didn’t treat those veterans very well.”

The group has collected about $1,300 dollars so far in a week of fundraising. Their goal is to have the entire project funded and built by next Memorial Day. Those who wish to donate can visit the group’s fundraising page at www.sovb.org.


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  1. Terry says:

    This is a frivolous idea, which will only cost more money. I am not against remembering the sacrifice of Vietnam vets, both living and those who lost their lives in the war. However, they have a memorial in Washington DC. Not every locality has to have one. We will be putting up so many memorials that we will continue to use useful land, which can be put to use for the greater public good. I know not everyone can make the trip. That’s true of many memorials, World War II included. There are much bigger problems we need to deal with than another memorial. Let it rest, Sal. Thanks for your service to our country!

  2. Citizen A says:

    I am in agreement with Terry. It was interesting to note that another news story came out regarding the rise in suicide among Oregon veterans. We often hear about homeless veterans or how veterans need more services. My personal opinion is that those who lost their lives during the Vietnam War would want to help those veterans that are living. A quarter of a million dollars is a great deal of money. Take that down to our local VA center and see if they would welcome additional monetary aid or start a grant program for veterans who need a helping hand.

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