Victorian Medical Practices on Display

Victorian MedicalJACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Hundreds of people visited the Beekman Residence on Saturday to learn about medical practices from the past. Acupuncturists and phrenologists were among the experts on hand to talk about Victorian medical practices. Phrenology is reportedly the science of skull reading to find out what kind of mood you’re in.

Jacksonville, Inc. led the free tours. Experts told visitors about the home visits from doctors and explained the uses of the medicines used during that time period.

“Huge, huge changes happened during the Victorian era with medical practices and we are looking at that through the lens of the Beekman family and what life in Jacksonville would have been like during the 1800s,” said Jacksonville, Inc.’s Stephanie Butler.

Last month the group led tours about Victorian crafts and hobbies. Next month the same group will lead tours showcasing Victorian literature and music.