Veterans Welcome Wounded Soldiers

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Many veterans come home with injuries after their tours, some even return with disabilities.

“Run for the Wall” is an organization working to change the lives of wounded veterans by giving away custom motorcycles. Two recipients arrived Thursday at the Rogue Valley International Airport with a large welcoming party.

Active Marines, the Air Force officers, and the young marines of Southern Oregon waited in the terminal for their arrival. Staff Sergeant Linville will be getting one of the bikes designed by local experts in custom building and painting.

Staff Sergeant Linville said he used to use the limited internet connections on tour to look up motorcycles.

“We had talked about Harley’s and you know the chance of me having one day, but you know I’ve got a wife and two kids so that’s not the money I can really pump into that, and so when I got the call and John told me what was going on, I was just, you know, excited,” said Sgt. Thomas Charles Linville.

The formal presentation ceremony will be in May. More than 2,000 veterans will be there to see Staff Sergeant Linville ride the custom motorcycle for the first time.