Veterans Honored in White City

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WHITE CITY, Ore. — There wasn’t an empty seat as veterans and families of veterans were on hand to honor those who fought for their country.¬†Gulf War Navy veteran Joe says veterans day reminds him of his military days. He says it’s the comments from complete strangers that mean the most.

“I had a lady this morning tell me thanks for my service and she said because freedom isn’t free. That really touched me,” said Joe.

Chris Petrone with the White City veterans affairs says it was important to put on an event that honors veterans and shows them that they are not forgotten.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the resources that we have here on sight. And really give a warm, heartfelt recognition to our veterans and all they go through,” said Petrone.

Petrone says the health care available for veterans has greatly advanced over the past few years and he thinks that will continue into the next year.

“Slowly transition to a new era of veteran that we are providing care for and we’re doing things differently. We’re providing better health care for rural health care veterans, people living in very remote, rural areas,” said Petrone.