Veterans Home Repair Program Available

MEDFORD, Ore. — One veteran has the chance to receive several thousands of dollars for home repairs but so far, organizers for the program received only two applications.

The program is called “Hammers For Heroes”. Habitat For Humanity is teaming up with Home Depot to bring this program to the Rogue Valley. Organizers say any veteran or a widow of a veteran can apply for this, but there are specific requirements.

Applicants must be in a certain income bracket; have a need for a critical home repair that includes work that will fix a code violation or a health hazard, and be willing to put in some work in the repairs.

Organizers say this program has been available for about four months, but they believe the title of the program, “Hammers For Heroes”, is one reason they’re not getting many applications.

“I think vets are reluctant to call themselves heroes. They don’t see themselves as heroes which we do, but they’re not turning out like we thought they would,” said Development Director Sarah Primerano.

The qualifying veteran would also have to repay the cost of materials and any paid labor for the repairs, up to $15,000, at a zero percent interest rate. For the specifics of the “Hammers For Heroes” program and how to apply, its available on the Rogue Valley Habitat For Humanity’s website.