Verizon: Company Will Always Comply

Verizon NSAMEDFORD, Ore. — The Obama Administration is defending the national security agency gathering telephone records from American citizens.

The top secret order, obtained by a British newspaper, was reportedly requested just 10 days after the Boston Marathon bombing and it covers phone calls made by millions of Americans.

Even though the alleged court order only allows collection of phone numbers and their frequency, and doesn’t allow the government to listen in on the actual phone calls, civil liberties groups are outraged.

Local Verizon managers say this is nothing new to the phone company industry. Local Verizon officials declined an on-camera interview, but the company did release a written statement today saying it would be required to comply with a federal court order for record requests.

Customers outside the Delta Waters Road Verizon location were not surprised by the news either. A handful of people tell NewsWatch 12 they don’t mind if investigators review their phone records.

Local attorneys say the current Verizon situation is similar to smaller scale, local cases, where investigators must prove they have good reason to obtain the information for an investigation.