Verdict In Thompson Case: Guilty

MEDFORD, Ore. – The victims of a now-convicted sex offender say they hope what they went through will bring courage to others.

Two girls sat in court listening as the jury found William Thompson guilty on 26 counts of sex abuse, rape, and sodomy. The Jackson County jury deliberated for about 7 hours, but could not reach a unanimous decision on two counts for the Gold Hill man.

In this case, the jury needed a 10 person majority to pass the verdict, which is what they met for those two counts. The 24 other counts, relating to charges from May of last year, were unanimous. The Deputy District Attorney, David Orr, says it was an emotional case.

David Orr say he is proud of the two victims. The girls don’t want their identities shared, but say they hope their story of seeking justice against their abuser gives other victims the courage to come forward. Thompson is scheduled to be sentenced on the 18th.