Veranda Park Hires Four Legged Workers


MEDFORD, Ore. — A retirement community is hiring goats to help clean up some unwanted vegetation. After receiving approval from the city council, Veranda Park Retirement Living is hiring the four legged creatures to help clear blackberry plants located next to their complex.

The company “Hungry Goats 4 Hire” is providing the 28 goats along with herd dog, Bonnie, to protect them from predators. At $100 a day, the service provides a chemical free and organic alternative to help clear the estimated two and a half to three acres of blackberries.

“The city property gets improved, the neighborhood gets improved by this,” Owner of Veranda Park commented. “The goats have food, the goat herder gets paid to have his goats here, so it kind of wins for everybody.”

Electrified pens surrounding the goats will be moved every few days as they work through each area. The goats will be hard at work on site for the next three weeks until the job is complete.