Vendors Upset With Market After Video

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — In a video posted on Youtube on November 7th, a woman is shopping at the Grants Pass Growers’ Market and has her ADA service dog in a bag by her side. She is being followed Growers’ Market officials as they insist she put the dog on the ground or leave the market. The video goes on to show Grants Pass Police arriving to escort the woman from the market.

Vern Caldwell was a vendor at the Grants Pass Growers’ Market and says this video shows typical behavior by the staff.

“That we know of, that’s the sixth time that’s happened to that specific woman,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell says market officials will go up to a person and confront them and when a reaction is evoked, police are called to have the person removed for a disturbance.

“They choose who they want to be in their market and create confrontation to make sure they have to leave,” said Caldwell

Signs posted around the Growers’ Market say service dogs are welcome. The video shows a man explaining they called the police not for her dog, but for the woman’s attitude.

Caldwell says he attended the growers market members meeting the day after the incident in the video and showed the board the ada laws.

“The response I got from the president of the board was ‘Oh don’t worry, we’ve been doing this for thirty years, we know what we’re doing.’ The response I got from the market manager was ‘Let her sue me’,” said Caldwell.

Caldwell says after that he had enough and closed his booth. He says he won’t be returning until people are treated respectfully.

NewsWatch 12 reached out the Grants Pass Growers’ Market multiple times, however, Growers’ Market officials declined to comment on the incident.

For a link to the full Youtube video click here.


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  1. samantha says:

    This market manager is disgusting!!! I will never go back to this market again. I encourage you to do avoid this market as well. There are better markets in Medford on Thursday at the armory and the best is on Tuesday in Ashland at the armory on E Main. The Grants Pass market and their board should be ashamed of themselves and the should FIRE this manager. I don’t dare how long she’s been there she’s obviously a detriment to the market atmosphere and the vendors whom rely on this venue for their livelihood. Appalling behavior.

    1. Gianaclis Caldwell says:

      The last Tuesday Ashland market is tomorrow, let the vendors that also do the GP market know that you support them AND new management OR a new Saturday GP market! We are hoping that big changes might occur over the winter. I think many vendors as well as shoppers are ready for, and deserve, a change.

  2. Becky says:

    WOW!!! Can you guess what farmers market I will NEVER visit? That manager is a vile person!

  3. sherim says:

    Everyone with service animals should band together and all show up!!

    1. Kate says:

      oh we will we definitely will.

  4. Gab says:

    Vern Caldwell, what and where else do you sell your goods? I would like to support you, and I am sure there are others who feel the same. The market manager is a bully.

    1. Gianaclis Caldwell says:

      Vern will be at the last Tuesday Ashland farmer’s market tomorrow, I hope you will stop by. Also, The Rogue Creamery Cheese Shop (a fantastic place to buy cheeses from all over the US and world) sells Pholia Farm cheeses. Thank you for your support, this has been a bit anxiety creating for us!

  5. Tony says:

    Typical red neck conservative people of the area. I do not care for them pushing their political views . STAY AWAY.

  6. Greg says:

    Marty’s (the market manager) demeanor is very bad. It surprises me that the other people who head the market continue to let her have contact with the public. She is not the type of person who should be the public face of any function.

  7. Tom says:

    The vendors are not the only that should be upset. Many people eat breakfast at nearby establishments then go to the market. I for one will not be visiting the market until management changes. Hence, some of the local merchants are going to lose as well as the vendors. Guess my family will be eating breakfast at home for a while

  8. Julie says:

    Pretty sad that us parent’s are trying to teach our children about be bullied and here you have a grown woman in public place showing exactly that! I saqy kick her butt to the curb and find someone to run the market that enjoys thei position and encourages everyone to come out to their local Farmer’s Market. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!!

  9. Milt says:

    you all have the means to have her kicked to the curb
    start a campain on facebook and start calling everyday and night the office
    leave a message call her home leave a message just keep calling and calling
    not just one person everyone that feels this way non stop untill a change is made. if the line is busy call back again again and again sooner or later something will change. Good luck AND DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THIS, WHAT IS IT SHOWING OUR KIDS? Show them the RIGHT way too get something done.

  10. Julz says:

    This is Marty for you, always been a Bit#@, is the same way with the vendors, I used to help run a booth down there. Marty thinks she is hot stuff and she is a bully! So glad I left GP, I have been supporting the Meford and Ashland markets for months now, never in gp again.

  11. Camm says:

    What a disgusting and mean pig.. I reside out of state and this lady has made it viral. She should be ashamed of her actions and the market should terminate her employment… I hope she gets her butt sued and ends up paying out. Do the right thing Grants Pass and forward your letters to the editor so you can rid the market of its Nazi ways.

  12. Julz says:

    Page created as suggested above, lets do this together! http://www.facebook.com/FireMartyFromGpGrowersMarket

    1. Patricia in Medford says:

      Joined and passed along!

  13. Curtis says:

    I am the proud owner of an ada dog as well and I live in Josephine county and have a pitbull who is fully registered and papered and I will support anyone who wants to chain up and show up lets show support to the amaricans with disabilities and put this quak out of a job.

  14. Danny says:

    Both the ‘manager’ and the ‘security’ person need to be fired and sued. This is unacceptable.

  15. Tawny says:

    How incredibly sad…

  16. Heather says:

    I posted the youtube video about this last week on my FB page another one of the vendors has been circulating it. This lady should definately be fired. I will never support the Grants Pass market and hope more vendors make a stand. This is not a one time incident. This lady is a bully on a power trip You can clearly tell its not the persons “attitude” which got her kicked out. The you tube video shows them belittling the lady and making comments around her. This “manager” and “security” person should not work with the public. In addition this is located in a CIty parking lot which belongs to the PUBLIC.

  17. Heather says:

    Please EMAIL growers@grantspass.com and let them know how dissatisifed you are with this reaction from their employees. Their board of directors needs to know if anything real is going to be done. It is only by public action that change can happen. I also stongly urge you to look up the actual youtube video and watch it uncut. They are really trying to cover their behinds by saying its because of the patrons “attitude” she is kicked out It is an outright lie. They are the ones with the attitude from the very beginning beliitling them and asking if they are “color” blind too, and other awful comments. The manager and security person are horrific and must be let go

    1. Gianaclis Caldwell says:

      You can try emailing them, but it is Marti, the manager, that gets those emails…

  18. Hank says:

    I was a vendor only one weekend at grants pass. We have been at multiple markets and have Never been treated with such unecessary disrespect ! I showed up early to make sure of location & and was meet by a venom spewing lady ( nazi market manger )
    I’m surprised something hasn’t came up sooner! The vendors in around my booth were extremely intimidated by this woman! It was UNBELIVEBALE!!! I’m all for rules, but it was obvious this person is on a almost comical POWERTRIP! The market is setting them self up for a lawsuit, If this lady is anywhere around. She is a liability, and the worst posible choice for this Job. The video is spot on display of this ladys personality. Regular vendors should take this opportunity to make this market a enjoyable experience for both vendors & public . I had a profitable weekend the other vendors & public were fantastic ! This isn’t about the right to have a service dog. This is about a manager AND assistant’s ongoing POWERTRIP! 86 THEM!!!!

  19. Me says:

    There needs to be a flash mob of Service Dog users show up and stand ground. Show them what the laws are! I hope this woman fights for her rights and the rights of everyone else around her.

    I also hope all the vendors pull out and find a new place to sell their awesome and wonderful goods.

  20. ali lamm says:

    when did this woman show any “attitude” before she was confronted for her dog? and why should her dog have to be put on the ground, anyway? i haven’t been to the G.P. growers market, but i”ve been meaning to for some time. not anymore!

  21. Emily says:

    Contact the board of directors. oregonfarmersmarkets.org/OFMA/board.html

  22. Patricia in Medford says:

    Could these two be ARRESTED? http://www.oregonlaws.org/ors/167.352

  23. mimi says:

    UPDATE: youtube video inspires a service dog march day at the market:

    At the site of so many drooling dogs, red coat lady has a seizure. Red coat lady goes to Dr. , Dr. writes red coat lady prescription for a service dog. Later that month at the market shaky green shirt man follows red coat lady about the market seething and shaking over red coat ladies seizure prevention dog. Shaky green shirt man flares up to full blown Parkinsons, goes to the Dr. Dr prescribes fresh vegetables and a guide dog …and they all lived happily ever after.

    1. Patricia in Medford says:

      That made my day, Mimi. :D

  24. Hope Frederick says:

    After working next to the growers market at the crafters market for 5 years, Marty had accosted many of us personally. She was always very rude, and even though we always supported the growers market, sh would tell the vendors If they sold to us they would get kicked out of the market. I hope she gets fired and her police calling antics get put to a stop! This community has suffered this woman long enough! Boycott the market until Marty is gone, the board has been replaced and peace has been restored! The city needs a larger venue and a better plan to keep our market going!!!!

  25. Sharon says:

    Many of the vendors for foods offer their goods from this source. you can order on line and pick up once a week.
    Rogue Valley Local Foods https://www.localfoodmarketplace.com

    1. deborah says:

      That was despicable…It’s so unfortunate that the vendors are the ones who will loose in the end! I hope they can resolve this inexcusable behavior of the market security before the market opens again. I also shop online at Rogue Valley Local Foods and have never been disappointed and don’t have to deal with the GP Farmers market “police.”

  26. Anonymous says:

    As a vendor, I will not comment on the actions of the administration. Please do not boycott the hard working farmers, crafters and vendors who rely on the Growers’ Market as a source of income for their families. Despite the controversy, this is still a wonderful market, full of spirit and integrity. We should not suffer at the hands of the powers that be.

  27. That Guy says:

    Boycotting the market will force the vendors to say ENOUGH is ENOUGH. Everyone needs to get together here and say this is WRONG. You can NOT treat people this way and get away with it. Marti seems to hate disabled people with ADA dogs. And her treatment of people proves it. As long as she is working with the Market I will boycott it and encourage more to as well. All vendors should realize- you’re either with us or Marti. Choose and act!

  28. Gary Burns says:

    Marti has a very low energy. I don’t understand how she has been involve for so long. She has limited the quality of the Market with such a damaging attitude. I am not going to be shopping at the Growers Market until Marti is no longer involved. And I don’t mind mentioning it to friends.
    Who does Marti work for? Is this her Market? Who ever is responsible is not being responsible!!

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