Vehicle Fire Turns Into Grass Fire

NEAR CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — On I-5 Sunday about 3:30 in the afternoon, a fully-involved vehicle fire near Exit 40 expanded to nearby grass. A couple driving the vehicle pulled over and then the fire started. They were able to get out of the vehicle safely. Fire crews said it started in the engine of the vehicle.

The nearby landscaping job played a part in the fire’s quick containment. “The Highway Department is really good about keeping the median mowed down and the shoulders of the road where there’s grass, in that case that bought us a little extra time before it hit the tall grass out in the field,” said Fire District 3’s Ron Edwards.

The vehicle appeared to be a total loss.

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  1. Tonja Adreon says:

    The RV the caught fire and burned was my mom and dads. I live in Phoenix AZ and that is where they purchased their home away from home in 1988 . They were “snow birds” and came down here every winter and spent three months. That motor home was so very special to them and to myself. So many wonderful memories were had in the RV. It saw so many states and the beautiful state parks across the U. S. Grand children who grew up in and out of the motor home. When I got the phone call from my mom and immediately broke down into tears. Mainly for them. They had so much inside their little home because they were on the go in their RV all the time. Campouts, trips, etc. Things that are unable to be replaced that will only remain in their hearts. The cliche about “it’s only stuff and stuff can be replaced at least they are alive” is very true and thank the good Lord for that. However, stuff isn’t just stuff. When you have over 20+ years traveling the country side and the things you acquire, let alone the things you have like cameras, cell phones, wallets and purses destroyed , it just isn’t stuff. It was so much apart of them. Now they have nothing to continue their lives on the road at the ages of 85 and 86. I’m just so sad and my heart crys for my mom and dad. Thank you, Tonja Adreon

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