Vavrosky’s Friends Reflect On Their Loss

MEDFORD,Ore. — Friends of a man who died in police custody said he had beat a drug addiction once before.

Joseph Vavrosky ran from officers Tuesday night when OSP tried to pull him over on Interstate 5. Officers caught up with him near McAndrews and Biddle, they handcuffed him, and then he collapsed.

Brittany Anderson went through addictions treatment with the man she knew as “JoJo.” She said she missed a call from Vavrosky Tuesday night and remembers hearing all the sirens from her home just a few blocks away. She never thought it involved the man she new as a good father to his two kids or the friend who was endlessly supportive.

“Whenever I was struggling with something or I needed to talk to him about something, I could call him and he’d be there. He would be able to make me laugh in a time of despair,” said Anderson.

Vavrosky was pronounced dead at the hospital. An autoposy and toxicology report are expected to find out exactly what caused his death.


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  1. joseph says:

    i miss hime so much he was like a uncle to me….. you never be forgotten jojo

  2. desmond says:

    we had so many good times to gether i miss you so much jojo i found out what happend and flipped out on every one around me you will never be forgotten rip

  3. Tanya bender says:

    It is so sad that all these kids are dying from the infection of drugs in our community. I also knew JoJo as my son was living with him in the sober living house on Orange street. They both also lived with Jeff who had murdered his girlfriend Jessica Bethany. So my point is out of one house my son I in prison, Jeff is in or going to prison and Jo Jo is dead. These are very sad times. I loved JoJo and he WAS a Amazing person, father and friend to many. This community needs help with the serious drug problem. Stop shunning them and start helping them.

  4. reality says:

    He played the game and lost. I’m thankful that he was the one who died and no innocent people were hurt during his reckless behavior. Good father? Running from police?

  5. Tracy Herron says:

    I find it interesting that a week later a young man on “bath salts” died from the police tasering
    Newspaper said police tasered him to no effect yet he ” died suddenly afterwards” just like JoJo was tasered to no effect and ” died suddenly afterwards”
    Doesn’t anyone see a pattern here?
    – maybe tasers should be taken away from Medford police officers – so much for police officers being there to serve and PROTECT

    If I lived in this town I would be getting an attorney involved and other higher up agencies To look into this
    Seems like drugs are not the killer here but tasers and those individuals abusing them.

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