Valley Rain & Mountain Snow to Come

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Temperatures are running warmer than normal this morning due to all of the cloud cover. Regardless, showers overnight on the East Side were falling as a wintery mix, either freezing rain or sleet. As temperatures warm all wet weather will fall in the form of rain.

An organized line of rain is developing up and down the NW Coast and once it develops from north to south, it will bring rain to the Coast and rain showers for all inland areas. Snow levels will start off around 4,500’ this morning and rise into the afternoon to around 5,000.’ Above this, we could see 1”-2” of snow ..mainly near Crater Lake & Diamond Lake.

The timing of the fronts to come in the next few days is still varying among the computer models. It is looking pretty certain though, that a stronger front will move through later Wednesday bringing measurable rain to areas west of the Cascades, especially the Coast. Following the passing of this front is cold air, which will drop snow levels Wednesday evening & Thursday morning. They will likely be down to around 3,500′ & 4,000′ which means some of the passes could see snow.

By the time the storm moves through, 2″-4″ of snow will easily fall near Crater Lake & Diamond Lake …it’s likely they will see more than this in fact. Areas above 4,000′ will pick up a few inches of snow Wednesday into Thursday as well. The exact timing will determine how much snow falls and we’ll have a better handle on how much can be expected later today & tomorrow morning.

Thursday was looking to bring in a stronger front as well, but recently the models have shown otherwise. Now it looks as though Thursday’s front stalls to our north, keeping Thursday fairly dry. Our next system is on our doorstep into Friday, this will be the warm front associated with Saturday’s storm. Saturday will be the strongest storm of the entire week with impacts ranging from inches of rain at the Coast, strong winds in the higher elevations & snow on the passes (snow levels below 4,000′). If you have plans to travel this weekend, keep a close eye on the forecast into the coming days. We’ll have a better grasp on this storm system through the end of the week.


Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese