Valentine’s Day Sales Consistent


MEDFORD, Ore. — With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday this year, florists said they had more time to prepare for one of their busiest days of the year.

B – Cazwellz Floral Dezines in Medford said it saw more orders coming in at the beginning of the week,  but it still saw some coming in last minute too.

The most popular floral arrangement this year, a dozen roses, no different from years past, and for those who did receive flowers… Florists said there are simple ways to keep them alive and healthy.

“Definitely change your water… we don’t use tape to rid the top of the vase so you can lift that arrangement right out and just dump your water out and give it fresh,” said B Cazwellz Floral Dezines owner, Sabrina Carroll.  “Even if you just give it fresh tap\ water that’s going to help them last longer.”

B – Cazwellz also said cutting the ends of the stems will keep flowers flourishing for days after delivery. Florists had a few belated deliveries Saturday, but the rush is over until Mother’s Day.