VA to Open After Norovirus Outbreak

veteransWHITE CITY, Ore. — The VA SORCC will open its doors for business again on Thursday, March 13 after a norovirus outbreak.

The outbreak caught VA officials’ attention last Wednesday and they immediately took steps to cancel appointments and close the facility to patients until it was resolved. The facility will continue to take extra precautions such as stressing the importance of hand hygiene to anyone entering the campus to help minimize a resurgence of the norovirus.

According to the VA SORCC’s Public Affairs Manager, Rhonda Haney, SORCC has 424 residents on site and about 597 staff members on site. In total, 156 patients and 64 staff members became ill with the norovirus.

VA SORCC Director, Don Burman, said he wishes to thank the Veterans and the Southern Oregon community for their understanding and support through this crisis.

If you have questions, you can call the VA SORCC at (541) 826-2111.