VA Clinics Will Be Audited

VA CLINICSWHITE CITY, Ore. — Next week, the White City VA Domiciliary will receive a federal audit, part of a nationwide effort to inspect Veterans Affairs clinics.

The Department of Veterans Affairs ordered that all VA medical centers in the U.S. receive a face-to-face audit. This comes after allegations that some veterans across the country have died during the long wait for medical care.

Next week, Veterans Affairs staff from Washington D.C. will visit the White City campus to interview staff and patients and inspect the facility.

“What we anticipate for our facility is basically going to be good things,” said Anna Diehl, Public Affairs Officer at the White City clinic. “We’re very transparent, we’re welcoming this group here to take a look at us, to bring visibility to our facility.”

The Department of Veterans Affairs says it will take several weeks to finish all of the inspections across the country.