Use Your Gift Foundation Fundraiser

By Kaylin Krashesky

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Kids are reaching the top of the charts when it comes to their musical dreams thanks to one Southern Oregon organization.

Rebekah, and her sister Missy, are using their gift and creating the perfect harmonies for Becca’s original songs. The sisters have been working with Sandy Ficca. Ficca is a member of the ‘70s rock band Firefall and is the executive director of the Use Your Gift Foundation.

“When we bring somebody in, we’re going to take care of all their copyright issues, we’re going to do promo packs with photos record a complete CD so that when they leave they have a package that they can give to management, agents, whatever to help them go to the next step,” Ficca explains.

Ficca is hoping for a next step of his own. After about a year of construction, he is weeks away from opening this studio for the foundation, saying he is very thankful for people volunteering time and services.

“The downside to that is that when people are donating their time, you’re kind of at the bottom of their priority list so it took a little bit longer,” Ficca says.

There are almost 25 aspiring artists hoping they strike a chord with Ficca can hit a high note in the industry with the help of the foundation. Ficca is hoping to add on about 8 more clients free of charge once the studio is complete.

The Use Your Gift Foundation is hosting a benefit concert is next Thursday night, May 24th at 7:30 at the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theatre. You can buy tickets from the Craterian.