Upper Table Rock Fire Being Contained

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WHITE CITY, Ore. —¬†¬†Fire crews worked through the night as they continue to fight the last hot spots of the fire on the Upper Table Rock.

The fire broke out after a Straus Ranches worker was mowing a hay field and hit a rock. That sparked the quick-moving flame that would eventually take out 35 acres.

Even though the Straus workers were mowing during the recommended times for fire safety, fire officials urge people to take extra precautions.

“For the most part, double check. Keep an eye on it afterwards, you know, don’t do something and then just walk away. Just keep an eye on it. All it takes is one little spark and it can take off and run,” said Oregon Department of Forestry Fire Prevention Specialist John O’Connor.

Crews will continue to extinguish the remaining hot spots and plan to monitor the land for several days.