Update On Yreka Gold Theft

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YREKA, Calif. – Over a million dollars worth of gold from the Siskiyou County Court House is still missing and the sheriff’s office has yet to make an arrest. Several months have passed since gold was stolen from a display at the Siskiyou County Courthouse.

The county recently received money from the insurance claim and now the next steps need to be worked out. The Siskiyou County Administrator says the disbursement of the $1,080,000 in insurance money the county received a few weeks ago will appear on the agenda for the first time next week at the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Currently plywood and reward fliers cover the display where the gold once was at the entrance of the Siskiyou County Court House. That reward could soon increase thanks to the reimbursement from the insurance claim. County officials are discussing the possibility of more than tripling the original reward amount of $15,000.

Surveillance video shows two men smashing in the display glass and grabbing some but not all of the gold nuggets early in the morning of February 1st. A Portland appraiser used historical information photographs and small pieces of gold from the crime scene to help determine the value. County Administrator Tom Odom said it’s unclear what, if anything, will be decided at next Tuesday’s meeting but ideas from board members staff and the public will be considered.

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  1. Homer says:


    You have to expect things like this continue to happen. I also believe these thefts and crime in general will get far worse as the economy tanks even more.

    Keep your powder dry!


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