Update on Wildfire Evacuation Notices

The current evacuation levels for areas affected by the Oregon Gulch Fire in the Beaver Creek Complex have been adjusted. Officials are citing the hard work of firefighters and cooperative weather as reasons for the change in evacuation notices.

Jackson County

Addresses from the 6,000 block on COPCO ROAD and south to the Oregon border will remain at a LEVEL 1 EVACUATION.

Residents living along Highway 66 in Oregon between the 11,000 and the 22,000 block of Highway 66 are still under a Level 1 Evacuation. (This does not impact people living in Keno.)

LEVEL 1 EVACUATION means “Be Ready” for a potential evacuation.

Residents should be aware of the danger that exists in their area, monitor emergency services websites and local media outlets for information.

Access to Copco Road is limited to residents and emergency services only.

Klamath County

All Evacuation orders for Klamath County have been lifted, including the Klamath River canyon from John C. Boyle Dam to the California border. This includes Topsy Grade Road, Picard Road, and all other normally accessible roads south of Highway 66 east to the Klamath County line in Oregon.

Current roadblocks remain at Rd. 106 (Camp 4) south from Highway 66.