Update on Regional Forest Fires: 8-3-13

firefighter_smoke_out-Douglas-friendHere is updated information on the forest fires currently burning in Southern Oregon. This information is provided by the SWOR Joint Information Center.

The following is consolidated information for each of the major fires burning in Douglas and Josephine Counties:

Total Fires: 5
Total Acres: 47,843

Location: 25 miles NW of Grants Pass
Acres: 6,151
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 15
Total Personnel: 1,074
% Contained: 0

Evacuations/Closures: Bear Camp and Burnt Ridge Roads are closed, as well as numerous trails. The BLM portion of the Wild Section of the Rogue River is closed from Graves Creek to Mule Creek. The Rogue River Trail from Graves Creek to the Rogue River Ranch is temporarily closed.

Significant Events: The Recreation Section of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River is open to rafters. However, the Grave Creek takeout is closed and law enforcement officials will not allow traffic into Grave Creek. Rafters floating on this section of the river should use the Argo, Almeda, or Rand river exits. Firefighters completed preparations around the Black Bar Lodge and the Zane Grey Cabin along the Rogue River. Additional roads were opened and brush was cleared along roadways.

Location: 10 miles NW of Merlin, OR
Acres: 2,298
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 587
% Contained: 40

Evacuations/Closures: Road closures on Hog Creek, Quartz Creek and Angora Creek.

Significant Events: Fire line is in place around the Brimstone Fire. Firefighters will work to apply water to strengthen and hold the line around the perimeter of the fire. Efforts will focus on looking for additional spot fires in the NW corner of the fire, holding existing line and mop up on the south and east side of the fire.

Public Meeting: Sunday, August 4th, 6:30 pm, Flemming Middle School, 6001 Monument Drive, Merlin

Location: 7 miles north of Glendale, OR
Acres Size: 32,535
Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 4,039
% Contained: 15


• Evacuations of homes along Reuben Road, Mt. Reuben Road and McCullough Creek Road in Douglas County were downgraded from a Level 3 to Level 2. Local residents have access, but the roads are closed to the public.
• Evacuations of thirty homes for Poorman Creek, Lower Graves Creek Road, Graves Creek Road and Lower Wolf Creek in Josephine County. 30 residences remain evacuated on Graves Creek Road, with more than 40 additional residences receiving pre-evacuation notices.
• Cow Creek Road from Riddle into the fire area and from Glendale into the fire area is closed.

Significant Events: The complex is made up of the Milo Fire, Rabbit Mountain Fire, Dad’s Creek Fire and Farmer’s Fire. Good progress was again made on the Milo and Farmer’s Fires, the smaller fires in the complex. Firefighters plan to construct fire lines on the east flank of Rabbit Mountain, along Graves Creek. Crews will complete burn out operations on the east flank of the Dad’s Creek Fire.

Location: 13 miles NW of Cave Junction
Acres Size: 2,020
Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 0
% Contained: 0

Evacuations/Closures: Road closures and Level 2 (advisory) evacuation for Oak Flat and Brushy Bar. Level 1 advisory for area between Kerby Flat and McCaleb Ranch.

Significant Events: Firefighters continue to prepare line on the east and north side of the fire. Fire engines are staged in the Oak Flat area to provide structure protection. Crews plan to conduct burn out operations along the Illinois River as needed to keep the fire from spreading. Aviation resources re-engaged when the smoke cleared on the west side of the fire yesterday. The fire responded well to aerial suppression actions.

Location: 6 miles east of Tiller, OR
Acres: 4,839
Size Change in 24 Hours (Acres): 654
% Contained: 20


• An immediate (Level 3) evacuation is in place for the Ash Valley area and recreational sites around South Umpqua Falls.
• Forest Road closures are in place for the area southwest of Beaver Creek.

Significant Events: Four fires make up the Whiskey Complex: Smith Ridge, Buckeye, Whiskey and Big Brother. Firefighters are making good progress establishing and securing containment lines. Crews are mopping up the Smith Ridge Fire. There will be continued use of air resources for reconnaissance, bucket work and to assist ground personnel in securing containment lines on the Whiskey fire. Resources continue protection of private lands and structures. National Guard resources are expected to arrive for assistance.


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  1. Anita says:

    My husband is working with the Incident Management Team in Selma on the Labrador fire. His name is Max Yager. He was interviewed yesterday by someone from your new station. I’m wondering how I can find the video so we at home can watch it?
    Thank You, Anita Yager

  2. bob wright says:

    where can I find pictures of the fires so I can downloud them on my pc thanks

  3. Jeff says:

    In my opinion I think that we should be putting our comments to the hard work that the fire fighters are doing for us by risking their lives fighting these fires. I want to thank all people involved in the process to get these fires under control!!

    I find it tacky to ask for a copy of a video and pictures for your family and collection on a situation like this. Try going out in the heat, smoke, lack of sleep and days without a shower and get your own!

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