Update on Northern California Wildfires

MCCLOUD, Calif. — Over the weekend, several small wildfires were sparked, and the larger fires continued to grow. Northern California has seen the brunt of the wildfires in the as the summer heads to a close.

When we talk about fires, we usually talk about two things. First, how much area the fire has burned, usually in acreage or square miles. Second, we then say how much the fire is contained in percentage, but there is a difference between having a fire contained and having a fire under control.

When a fire is contained, crews have cleared a line, called a “fuel break”, taking out anything the fire would use to fuel itself and thereby starving it when it reaches that area. When a fire is under control, it means that the fire line is secure enough that flare-ups inside the line are unable to cross it.

There are two major fires burning in Northern California, the Goff Fire and the Bagley Fire. The Goff Fire has burned over 23,000 acres, it is now 94% contained. The Bagley Fire, burning south of McCloud, has reached more than 46,000 acres in size, it is 84% contained. Both those fires are expected to be fully contained this week.