Update On Bombing Investigation

MEDFORD, Ore. — The Medford Police Chief has released photos based on witness descriptions of a car seen leaving the scene soon after the explosion outside the D.A.’s Office yesterday morning.

Police are describing this vehicle a two door sports car, either dark blue or black. Shortly after the explosion at the D.A.’s office, it was seen leaving southbound on Kings Street. This could be a potential suspect or even witness, either way, police want to find the driver.

Police looking into other potential suspect sightings. Witnesses reported one person running east bound, and a second person running west bound near the D.A.’s office.

Investigators are not releasing if this explosion was done by a group or a single person, but police are asking for homeowners to come forward if they have any surveillance cameras on their home near the D.A.’s office.

District Attorney Beth Heckert also spoke today, saying since yesterday the D.A.’s office has received tremendous support statewide. The D.A.’s office is operating in a building next door, but will reopen at its main building later this afternoon.

The police chief says they’re making good progress in their investigation, looking though surveillance footage they have from surrounding buildings.


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  1. M. Mitchell says:

    The photos seem to be of two different cars. Is that intentional?
    Please clarify…thanks.

  2. Milt says:

    Well I am glad MPD has the FBI and ATF helping them because I don’t think MPD could find their a** with both hands lol.

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