Universities Discuss Tuition Increase

Southern Oregon University ASHLAND, Ore. — There’s still a few weeks of studying left for students at Southern Oregon University, but tuition for next school year has yet to be finalized.

School officials say tuition hearings are going on in Portland and Salem and a final decision is expected in June. The eight public universities in Oregon are all proposing increases, most raising tuition around 5 percent.

Southern Oregon University has proposed a 5 percent increase which comes to 379 dollars per year.

“No one wants to increase tuition, it puts a hardship on our students and we’re fully aware of that, but the universities in Oregon are put in a hard place here. We have decreased funding from the state legislature but at the same time our costs are going up,” SOU Spokesperson Jim Beaver

Officials say next year’s proposed increase is not as high of a percentage as previous years.