Death Linked to Strep Throat


[UPDATE: 3:21PM] Health Officials said complications from the bacteria virus known as strep throat is the cause of death of a teacher aid at Sams Valley Elementary.

SAMS VALLEY, Ore.– School officials said they are mourning the loss of a fellow staff member who died from an unexplained illness. They said the illness came on suddenly and she died at Providence Medical Center, Tuesday.

Jackson County Public Health Officer, Dr. Jim Shames, advised school be canceled for Wednesday. He said there is no public health risk at this time, and closing the school is just a precautionary measure.

Officials are not releasing the name of the staff member in order to protect her family’s privacy. District officials said another immediate family member was in the hospital, but was released Wednesday morning. They said two more staff members are currently suffering from an illness , but no details of what the illness could be is being released at this time.

Dr. Shames said there is no evidence the illnesses are related. Health officials said there is no need to seek medical attention unless someone experiences symptoms necessary for medical care.