Unemployment Benefits Expire Saturday

6-25 jbo unemployment web(CNN) — Federal unemployment benefits end Saturday for 1.3 million jobless Americans. The checks will stop coming after a program signed into law back in 2008 expires Saturday.

An additional 850,000 workers will also lose state unemployment benefits over the next three months.

Congress extended or expanded the federal aid to the long-term jobless 11 times, but an extra lifeline wasn’t included in the latest budget deal.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed a short-term extension for three months. That will make it to the floor of the Senate, but not until Congress returns to work next month.

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  1. Brian says:

    Please keep us up to date on this issue for unemployment! there own website is not up to date on info and I was on unemployment and it was taken away and am in dire straights, looking for any job but need to know whats going on.

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