Ultimate Spring BBQ: Selecting Meat

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MEDFORD, Ore. — NewsWatch 12 is giving an amazing grill away this week as part of our Ultimate Spring BBQ. The lucky winner will also get 500 dollars’ worth of meat from The Butcher Shop, but it’s not always easy to decide which cut will be the tastiest.

Cameron Callahan, the co-owner of The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point, offers some tips for picking out the perfect piece of meat.

Callahan says there are different grades in beef. The Wagyu all-natural Japanese premiere beef is the cream of the crop. The fat melts in your hand at about 72 degrees and is well marbled.

Then in American, we have a prime beef and we have a choice beef, and Cameron Callahan thinks anytime you’re buying beef, you shouldn’t be looking for anything that’s select or no roll; nothing less than choice or prime if you really want a good cut of meat.

A boneless prime rib is excellent on the grill, but for those that don’t like as much fat, you can have the New York, and then your New York has less fat and your top sirloin will have less fat than a prime rib.

The prime top sirloin and is one of Callahan’s favorite cuts. It’s one of the cheaper cuts in the counter, but the flavor and tenderness and texture is excellent and great on the barbecue.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect cut of meat, you may want to marinate or season it. The next segment on Tuesday will have some advice on simple steps to bring out the flavor of your entree.

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