Ultimate Spring BBQ Part 2: Seasonings

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Of all 100 grills that Consumer Reports tested, if you take the consideration for price out of the equation, the Weber Genesis E-320 is one of the very best. NewsWatch 12 is giving one of those amazing grills away this week as part of our Ultimate Spring BBQ.

The lucky winner will also get 500 dollars’ worth of meat from The Butcher Shop, but it’s not always easy to decide which cut will be the tastiest. Cameron Callahan, the co-owner of The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point, offers some marinade tips.

Callahan says when you go to your favorite butcher shop or even your favorite meat department, they usually have all different kinds of rubs and marinades and there’s so many choices it’s going to have to be a choice of flavor.

“One of my favorites is the pappy’s seasoning,” Callahan says. “They carry one in a prime rib. They carry one for pork. They carry one for chicken and beef and it’s versatile. Marinates, if you want to do something that’s all natural then use anything that’s acidic, orange juice, pineapple juice.”

Now if you don’t want to do that, and you want to do it easier, on the shelf are all different kinds marinates from teriyaki to ginger. Callahan has a beer marinate which is good on chicken and pork.

“And the nice thing is, on weekends, we’ll test them and barbecue outside and let you test the different seasonings or you can buy something pre marinated. I’d say it’s up to your taste buds,” said Callahan.

Once you’ve picked out the perfect cut of meat, you may want to marinate or season it. In the next segment, we will have some advice on simple steps to bring out the flavor of your entree.

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