Ultimate Spring BBQ: Meat Storage

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Buying meat in bulk can be less expensive, but it’s important to make sure it’s properly stored. In this segment, Cameron Callahan, co-owner of The Butcher Shop, explains why the USDA suggests storing meat for a maximum of 6 months and how to make sure it’s done properly.

“For long term storage, we double wrap,” says Callahan. “Let’s say you wanted to buy a quarter beef or a half beef so you can have it for six months, we’re standing in the freezer right now which is ten below zero and it’s a blast freezer, so the meat gets wrapped in a 50 pound paper with plastic and four hours its froze solid completely through ready to go into your freezer at home.

“The nice thing about that is this can keep for up to a year. The USDA recommends that you eat most meats within six months. It doesn’t mean that the meat is bad but after six months your nutritional value starts getting lost in the freezer. So for long term storage just make sure it’s wrapped in a nice heavy paper.

“But you do need to put it in something if you’re just buying with just a film wrap over it and not paper because 30 days you’ll have freezer burn. If you’re going to invest in that piece of meat then get yourself some Ziploc bags are great. Get all the air out of the bag that you can before you seal it. So after you take the meat out of the freezer, and you leave it out in your refrigerator to thaw, then unwrap it and it’s ready to go on the grill.”

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