Ultimate Spring BBQ: Grill Cleaning

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“Down here at the Butcher Shop, we use the barbecue quite a bit,” Justin Small says. “So, what we generally want to start by doing is heating it up to basically the highest point we get the grill that way it will singe off and burn off anything on there that we have.”

“After that, we follow it with either a wire brush or some tin foil. Basically you just wad it up and rub it on the grill and it does the exact same thing only no wire bristles to fall out of any plastic parts and it knocks it right off just like it does with a wire brush and then after that you basically want to cool your grill down a little bit. Take your pork fat or your beef fat and you can run it over it for your different meats and stuff.”

“For your vegetables and your seafood, I’d generally go with an olive oil, and just a brush, apply it liberally that way nothing will stick. As soon as you get it seasoned up your ready to go barbecuing and please come visit us at the Butcher Shop.”