U.S., Iran Sign Nuclear Deal

kerryGENEVA, Switzerland — Negotiators from six world powers and Iran have reached a deal to limit Iran’s nuclear enrichment program.

Negotiators worked into the early morning hours Sunday in Geneva to fine-tune the agreement, which U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry calls a “serious step” toward clearing up Iran’s nuclear intentions.

Iran has agreed to freeze certain elements of its nuclear program, eliminate its stockpile of mostly bomb-grade uranium, and allow more nuclear inspectors into the country.

In exchange, the U.S. will lift some sanctions, allowing $4.2 billion in oil sales as well as $1.5 billion from other businesses. The U.S. has also agreed to impose no more sanctions for the next six months.

Negotiators hope this will become a step toward a broader deal next year and further lifting of U.S. sanctions on Iran.