U.S. House Passes “Healthy Forests” Act

Timber 2WASHINGTON, D.C. — This week, a breakthrough has come on a bill to provide funding for Oregon’s O&C counties.

The U.S. House passed the bi-partisan “Restoring Healthy Forests for Healthy Communities Act”, but Representative Greg Walden says the White House has threatened to veto it.

“The President and his team clearly have no idea-none-about what’s happening in rural communities with federal forest lands surrounding them in the West. Counties are literally going broke. Enough is enough,” Representative Walden exclaimed. “This system is broken, and this law will change that. The White House needs to understand that and be a partner for progress, not an enemy of it.”

The bill comes from Representatives Peter Defazio, Greg Walden, and Kurt Schrader. The Oregon congressmen say it will generate as much as $90 million a year for struggling rural Oregon counties.