Two Men Arrested for Attempted Murder

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Two men are facing charges of attempted murder after police say they attacked a man who now faces sex abuse charges.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office says two men, 19-year-old Christopher Garrett and 18-year-old Moses Laporte, picked up their third roommate, 23-year-old Mark Tabor, after he got off work Saturday evening and went for what they called a “guys night.”

Officials say Garrett and Laporte then drove Tabor out near the Elderberry Flats where they beat Tabor with a wooden baton. The assault allegedly occurred in retaliation for the sexual assault of underage girls. Tabor was able to run away from his attackers and call for help.

Medford Police have arrested Tabor, who is now facing several sexual abuse charges. Tabor’s bail amount has been sent at more than $1 million. As for the two roommates who officers say beat up Tabor, they’re facing attempted murder charges. Although it may be a case of retaliation, the sheriffs office says the cases should not interfere with the other.

Garrett and Laporte both face charges of attempted murder and 3rd degree assault. Laporte faces an additional charge of 2nd degree assault and Garrett faces an additional charge of attempted 2nd degree assault. The sex abuse claims against Tabor are still under investigation.