Two Injured in Dog Attack

Medford PoliceMEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Police say two people were injured earlier this week in a dog attack near the parking lot of Kid’s Unlimited.

Police say the victim, a 50-year-old woman, was preparing to put her two pit bull dogs in her car when two other pit bulls attacked her dogs.

The victim was bit as she tried to break up the fight between the dogs, and she received several stitches to her arm as a result. Another woman who had stopped to help the victim was also bitten and received treatment for injuries to her arm.

Medford Police officers were able to find the dogs’ owner, 51-year-old Shannon Wells, who told police that his two pit bull dogs had escaped from his yard without his knowledge. Wells was cited and released for Municipal Code Violation “Control of Dogs.” Jackson County Animal Control responded and seized Wells’ two pit bull dogs.


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  1. Annie says:

    The rule has always been dog attack human dog gets put down after rabies quarantine &/or study. This rule should stand with no exceptions. Get rid of the biters & there will be an end to Medford’s vicious dog problem. Oh yeah, Cite the hades out of the owners. You do not have vicious dogs, especially in town, with out adequate confinement. No excuses. & why in the world have them in the 1st place unless you are fighting them or protecting your drugs?.
    Animal control enforcement has gotten very lax in their ‘enforcement’ part. Lets get them back doing the jobs they are paid to do.Solve a lot of problems….

  2. Lesa Bowen says:

    “Have THEM” ? It’s this type of HATE that is SAD… I have a Daschound, that has “attacked” the mailman (through our front screen door ) completely in adequate confinement- I can assure you,Lol, he is not used for fighting, nor protecting “drugs” !!! Shame on this “comment”, and you for stating it. I must say that ANY breed of dog, that that escapes it’s confinement unbeknownst to its owner- and causes harm and mayhem to innocent victims – should be unquestionably PTS. Accidents do happen- everywhere. Yet right now in Medford we are facing a huge uphill battle, this incident is mortifying and detrimental to our cause. I am almost positive, had this been any other breed of dog- having a reckless owner- causing mayhem… We would not be notified other than in the small crime report section of our local paper…… I would bet on that!! PEOPLE PLEASE- as always, KEEP OUR PETS SAFELY CONTAINED, OUT OF HARMS WAY, AND HEALTHY!!! Their very lives depend on it.

  3. Ryan Navickas says:

    I am curious if the dogs involved were neutered. Neutered dogs wander less and tend to be less aggressive. The article mentions the breed of the dogs but does not mention if any of the dogs were un-neutered males.

  4. Annie says:

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with hating evil. As I mentioned before I have scars from ‘harmless’ dachshunds & chihuahuas. Their owners thought it was oh so cute. Isn’t it just darling it is being protective…there is NOTHING cute, funny, sweet, harmless,adorable about biting dogs. The bigger the dog the worse the bites. Thinking it is funny that your dog ‘attacks’ the mailman thru the door is a very good example of what is wrong with people & their dogs now. IT IS NOT FUNNY.
    Bites are NOT to be tolerated. We aren’t allowed to euthanize irresponsible owners. Our only choice is to get rid of their vicious dogs. Hate? Darn right I hate vicious dogs. & I am very intolerant of selfish irresponsible owners who think it is just ok to sacrifice people to dogs. get a grip!!!
    Neutering your animals does a number of things & diminishing aggression is 1 but it does stop aggression. That is what selective breeding & responsible ownership is about.
    The main thing neutering does is stop irresponsible breeding. It is vital now.

  5. Kathy Ramirez says:

    Everyone knows that breaking up a dog fight is dangerous. The dog – NO MATTER WHAT BREED – gets in a zone when in attack mode, and when a human gets in the way the dog can bite before realizing what it has done. This is the way it is with all breeds.
    I too would like to know if these males were neutered. It has been proven over and over that un-neutered male dogs are most likely to bite and show aggression.
    To Annie – I have news for you – THE MAJORITY OF PIT BULL OWNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS! Your comment that there is no reason to have a pit bull unless someone is fighting them or protecting drugs is ludacris and shows your ignorance in this matter. There are many, many more responsible pit bull owners in this county than there are bad. Comments and views like yours are part of the problem!

  6. Louise says:

    In the vast majority of incidents, the owner is at fault; yes, the owner should have his dogs spayed and he should also make the necessary HUMANE steps so that his dogs are contained successfully.
    This situation could’ve–and would’ve been avoided if the owner would’ve chosen to act responsibly.
    Should the dogs pay for the owner’s stupidity? Absolutely not!! If we hold more owners accountable for these incidents, I’m sure we’d see less of them…

    Punish the owners–not the dogs…

  7. Annie says:

    Kathy! Where did you see me say ANYTHING about pit bulls? I spoke of vicious dogs. I find it very interesting that any time some one mentions vicious dogs, it is the pit bull people who jump up screaming.
    My question is this: have you EVER held a child in your arms bleeding & torn from a dog attack? Have you EVER tried to comfort ANY one who has been attacked for ANY reason by a dog?
    Until you do you have no clue what you are talking about.
    Save your piety for real facts. Vicious dogs should not be allowed. Period.Every one has any excuse but no real reasons. Irresponsibility. period.

  8. Dean says:

    Well, last week you were all talking about how pits were not that aggressive. This week they need to be neutered in order to be tame. We are not stupid so stop comparing them to dachshunds and chihuahuas. Even a child can defend against a chihuahua. These dogs are a combination of aggression, size , power, and super strong jaws. Retrievers like to retrieve. Hunting dogs like to hunt. Hounds like to track. Shepherds like to protect. Pit bulls like to kill. Evolution doesn’t happen that fast. They may have a place in this world , but it’s not around me or my kids.

  9. Annie says:

    Don’t forget, Dean. Last week pits weren’t aggressive if they were loved & trained. This time Wells says, if we can believe the report, that the dogs are loved & trained.
    So, the point is excuses are what prevails.
    We can’t neuter the irresponsible people. We can’t euthanize them & it is too expensive to put them in cages for the rest of their lives so the only thing we can do is deprive them of their products of irresponsibility.
    We are overwhelmed with dogs. There are not enough homes for well behaved pets & ‘saving’ aggressive dogs while euthanizing well behaved dogs is ridiculous. more than 1 dog in 1 area & it becomes a pack. Pack dogs can become & often do become dangerous. How many of these aggressive dogs do you think we should put together? Where are we going to find enough responsible people to take care of all the aggressive dogs?
    Why do these people think they need to save dogs, any breed, & sacrifice people?

  10. Kathy Ramirez says:

    Annie. My point was that getting between two dogs fighting – of any breed – will often get you bitten. There is a difference between dog aggression and human aggression. Two dogs fighting does not signal human aggression. While most dogs completely adore people, they may still have low tolerance for other certain other dogs for whatever reason and it is up to the owner to take precautions to protect others and their dogs. Some dogs have more dominant personalities and some are submissive. Spay and neuter status plays a big part in this. Intact male dogs are more likely to be aggressive but all dogs are individuals so will handle different
    situations in different ways. Your post shows how much you know about dogs in general. Just what is it that classifies a “vicious” dog to you? As I said, dogs fight. Are you saying that a dog that fights with another dog means it is vicious? Dogs are dogs, they will always act like dogs. It is up to the owner to control the environment their dog is in when they know a dog has aggression issues with other dogs. Regarding your comment that there is no reason to own what you classify as an aggressive dog: Again, what is your definition of an aggressive dog? I may have a dog that is very loving and people oriented yet doesn’t get along with other alpha dogs while she gets along fine with submissive type dogs. Does this mean that I should have her killed because of this? NO! I would take care that she is not put in any situations where this would become a problem. That is part of being a responsible owner. Do you like EVERYONE you meet? Why expect a dog to then? Dogs are individuals and nobody likes everyone, including dogs. By the way, my dog is NOT aggressive towards humans or dogs but I don’t allow her to be in situations where she might come into face to face with a dog she might not get along with. She is secured in the yard when outside, and there is no chance of her running the neighborhood getting into trouble. I protect her because I love her. If she didn’t get along with other dogs I would still love her the same but would still always be aware of the situations she was in to avoid trouble because at the end of the day, she is a DOG. It is my duty as a responsible owner to protect her and others she may come in contact with, and that’s the bottom line.

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