Two Arrested for Having Gun Near School

ETNA, Calif. — Two people have been arrested after police say they were seen walking around a school with a gun.

On Thursday, Etna High School was placed on lockdown after a report of a man and woman seen walking around the fence of the high school with a gun.

Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office says Responding deputies and officers conducted a thorough search of the Etna High School grounds and found that the individuals had left the area.

Etna High School was advised at approximately 3:15 pm that it was safe to life the lockdown and that students and staff could safely be released from school.

Police eventually tracked down and apprehended 28-year-old Jefferson Courts and 30-year-old Clarrisa Courts. Both were lodged in the Siskiyou County Jail.

They were both charged with possessing a weapon on school grounds and violation of probation. Mr. Courts is being held without bail. Mrs. Courts was released on her own recognizance on April 25, 2013.