Two Alive After Car Runs Over Embankment

GOLD HILL, Ore. — Two people are alive after they drive off a steep embankment and miss plunging down into the Rogue River.

Earlier Tuesday afternoon, fire crews responded to Highway 234 in Gold Hill. They say the driver drove off the road and off the embankment. The car’s front bumper got stuck on a tree and that was the only thing holding the vehicle from falling down into the Rogue River.

“They’re extremely lucky – can you imagine going off that cliff? And not only are you dealing with the trauma, but you have to deal with the cold Rogue River and floating upside down in it. It would be a completely different call then what we’re seeing today,” stated Fire District No. 3 Fire Captain, Don Manning.

Fire crews said the victims crawled out of the car and made the call for help. Oregon State Police is still investigating the crash.