Twin Brothers Face Various Crime Charges

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two identical twin brothers have been arrested after police say they committed various crimes while working as security officers.

The twin brothers were arrested on several charges including using excess force and impersonating an officer. Jason and Donald Libby own Jackson County Security. The two were recently arrested for crimes Medford Police say they committed in January.

The first incident, with Jason Libby occurred at Weldon’s Cleaners on Crater Lake Avenue. He was contracted to patrol the business. Police say Jason placed a man in handcuffs after the man walked out of the bathroom, saying he was “trespassing” because he was not doing laundry. A 54-year-old woman told Jason he was not an officer and could not arrest him. Police say Jason then arrested her for “trespass”.

The second incident happened the next night with Donald Libby in an east Medford neighborhood the company was not contracted to cover. An officer on patrol spotted Donald’s car with a spot-light on it, just like a police car.

Donald was wearing a uniform also similar to a police officer’s and was doing a sobriety test on someone. Police say Donald was telling the driver he could be cited for “DUII and trespass”. Police say security officers cannot issue criminal citations.

“A citizen can make a citizen’s arrest,” explained Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau. “In these cases, we think it’s different because we think they’re clearly going outside of what a citizen should do as far as arrest and also using force in inappropriate times.”

The incidents occurred in January, but Medford Police arrested the two recently because of the investigation process. Police were also waiting for a decision to come through from the District Attorney’s Office and a grand jury before criminal charges were filed.

Anyone with information on these subjects is asked to contact Detective Bill Ford at 541-774-2236.