“Tumor Hater” Continues Fight

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MEDFORD, Ore. – More than a year ago, NewsWatch12 introduced you to a Medford woman who calls herself a “tumor hater”. At the time, Kelly Sullivan was raising money to pay for bills piling up because of her medical condition, which involved hundreds of tumors.

Some of Kelly Sullivan’s benign tumors can be seen pushing up against her skin, but those are only the tumors at the surface. Kelly says it’s estimated more than a thousand tumors are in her body, impacting life on a daily basis, pushing against her vocal chords, arteries, and spinal cord, and creating an immense amount of pain.

Amidst her own battle, while others enjoy their coffee at Good Bean Coffee Cafe, Kelly, surrounded by pillows, with her feet propped up is working to help others with her new non-profit “Tumor Hater”. The money she raises will benefit people living with any type of tumor.

“It helps my pain be worth it, it helps me to get up in the morning and to fight, like if I have a purpose with my pain, then it doesn’t matter,” said Kelly.

For several years, Kelly’s “Tumor Hater” brand has helped her pay for her own medical bills as the community has donated and purchased Tumor Hater t-shirts, but now she’s turned it into a non-profit, launching a website, and selling t-shirts internationally; it’s her way of paying it forward.

“I want to be able to help other people and love them on, like I was loved on and how much that changed my life, like I want to hopefully be able to change other people’s lives, too,” Kelly said.

Kelly said she’s hating on tumors, while loving the people with them. Kelly’s battle against her medical condition is ongoing. Recently, she was dropped from a clinical study because her condition is too severe. Around that same time, she underwent her fifth surgery to remove a complex tumor in her spinal canal. You can support “Tumor Hater” by purchasing a $20 t-shirt or donating online.