Tuition Increases At Oregon Universities

ASHLAND, Ore. — Students at Southern Oregon University will see a nearly 10% increase in the coming school year. But something else is decreasing, which university officials hope will ease the impact of the increase.

The board of higher education approved the recommended tuition increases at the states 7 public colleges. Southern Oregon was the highest, 9.9%, but a decrease in several fees at SOU cushioned the blow. Student government voted to lower its fee and the campus health fee was eliminated all together.

The combination of increased tuition and decreased fees put SOU’s overall increase at a more reasonable 4.2%; meaning, on average, an extra 306 dollars for all of next year. OIT sees 5.3% overall increase leading to an extra $419 a year. 5.1% is what Oregon State students face – bumping tuition up $394 – and Oregon sees a 5.9% increase, meaning Ducks will shell out and extra $521 next school year.