Tuesday School Notifications

MEDFORD, Ore. — Here is the current list of school closures for Tuesday, December 10.

Ashland School District

Butte Falls School District

Brighton Academy

Cascade Christian High School

Central Point School District

DESD Child Developmental Services

Eagle Point School District

Glendale School District

Grace Christian

Grace Pre-School & Kindergarden

Grants Pass School District

Logos Public Charter School

Medford Montessori

Medford School District

New Hope Christian School

Noah’s Ark Early Learning Center (Central Point)–Closed for school, but open for day care.

Oregon Child Development Coalition

Phoenix-Talent School District

River’s Edge Academy Charter School

Rogue River School District

St. Anne Catholic School (Grants Pass) – 2 Hour Delay

St. John Lutheran School (Eagle Point)

Sacred Heart Catholic School

Sunny Wolf  Charter School

The Learning Ladder (Eagle Point)

Three Rivers School District

Tree of Life Christian Childcare Center

Vibes Public Charter School

Vineyard Christian School



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  1. jacob says:

    medford school district?

    1. Bricetyn says:


      1. jacob says:

        how do you know?

        1. Bricetyn says:

          it says

    2. Erin says:

      what about eagle point? are they closing

      1. Amanda says:

        I think it would be smart to close school one more day, and hopefully it will melt more and get the roads safer. To tell the truth a little scared to drive.

    3. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

      The Medford School District just announced it will be closed Tuesday.

    4. ♥ Miss Kailey & The Hannahmal ♥ says:

      ♥♥♥ Woo Hoo!!! ***NO SCHOOL*** I get to sleep in and have a big breakfast and snuggle my animals! ♥♥♥

  2. bdogg says:

    come on north!

  3. connie hall says:

    what about grants pass school district 7????

    1. connie says:

      has there been any word on grants pass district 7 yet???

      1. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

        The district says it will make a final decision by 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. Details here: http://grantspass.or.schoolwebpages.com/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectiondetailid=22089

        1. connie says:

          thank you but they should just make a decision now like everyone else.

          1. LE says:

            Absolutely! No excuse not to.

        2. LE says:

          Stupid GP district. Why hang up hundreds of households until 5:30am? So sad the educators, administrative staff and bus drivers can’t figure out what to do when it drops below freezing by sundown, and road conditions won’t improve. Dah, they could get off their thumbs and make a decision so everyone knows at a reasonable hour!

  4. Skyler says:

    Is North, South, and GP closed?

  5. Brandy Oakley says:

    Is their school for south medford High school??

    1. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

      No. It will be closed Tuesday.

  6. kaliee says:

    what about medford school districts????????

    1. NewsWatch 12 Staff says:

      Medford School District says it will be closed Tuesday, Dec. 10.

  7. Alexandra says:

    The news says that medford is waiting for a little while to see how it is so… We do not have an answer on medford schools:)!!

  8. Cindy says:

    if it isn’t on the list then it must be open

  9. andrea says:

    What about Cascade Christian?

  10. Amanda says:


  11. Dave says:

    Copy and pasted from the SOU mysou/banner site in the “alert” section;

    “No Weather Delay on Tuesday

    The Ashland and Medford campuses will open as normal on Tuesday at 8:00am.”

  12. Sara says:

    Just a word to the wise, ..If it says Medford School District, and your school is in that district, then it will be closed unless otherwise noted! So if you see that Medford School district is closed for Tuesday Decemeber 10th, and you go to North Medford High School, or your child is a student there..then YES ..there’s no school for you, or them, because like I mentioned before ..it’s in the Medford School District, ..which is closed!! Just a head’s up! Sorry, my nerves are getting more and more shot the more I read people asking if specific schools are closed..schools in districts that are closed! It’s not that hard of concept to grasp! That is all, as you were!

  13. Rebecca says:

    Has RCC announced a late start or cancellation?

  14. Nancy says:


  15. Gab says:

    What about Cascade?

  16. TD says:


  17. crystal says:

    So is Ruch cancelled

  18. Rosamond says:

    Is Prospect the only school open in Jackson county? I’d hate to be the school that had kids get in an accident because of the roads on Tuesday!

  19. Meyl says:

    Really no school again Medford? Its not like school buses come equipped with snow chains or anything.

  20. LATE GIRL says:

    AWESOME!!! ♥♥♥ At least, I won’t be late………ROTFLMBO ♥♥♥

  21. Rhonda Jones says:

    Is Prospect School going to be open?

  22. chad rogers says:

    kboy u guys in the vlley r as bad as the sisee up in the pot–lamb market u r all a bunch of cry babies,, try livin in phillly new york detroit chicago where u always get 12 to 18 in of snow u clowns get 2 in and cry!!!!!!

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