Tsunami Drills for Florence Residents

Tsunami Preparedness

NEWPORT, Ore. — Residents in Oregon coastal cities will be more prepared for a tsunami after participating in a series of drills today and tomorrow.

Organizers distributed green packets to residents all over Florence, but mainly those in the inundation zone, which is the part of town closest to the water, that’s most likely to be affected if a tsunami were to hit. Florence’s inundation zone includes right around 1000 people, which is a small portion compared to other coastal cities.

“Florence is lucky in that only 11% of the population is in the inundation zone, but the farther down the coast you go, there’s more and more and more,” says Community Emergency Response Team volunteer, Nancy Fullmer.

But of those hundreds of residents, only about 50 participated. This is not what organizers were hoping for, however those who did come out, took it seriously.

“We each have our emergency packs,” Fullmer says.

“Our bags were already packed, we had one by the door which I took …” Debbie Lobey comments.

And for those who participated in Thursday’s drill, they’re even more in tune with their tsunami strategy or maybe what tweaks need to be made.

Though participation wasn’t where organizers were hoping it would be, Thursday still provided the opportunity to identify the kinks in their system and work on those for the next drill