Trout Transported to Howard Prairie

HOWARD PRAIRIE, Ore. — Water temperatures are too high to safely stock trout in some Oregon lakes and ponds, but 3,000 trout are on the move.

The fish were scheduled to go to Lake Selmac, but with water temperature around 70 degrees, it was deemed unsafe. So now, these fish will find a home in Howard Prairie Reservoir and the Rogue River above Lost Creek Dam.

“When we stock trout, we like to see temperatures in the 50 degree range maybe the lower 60s and that’s one of the reasons why we don’t stock a lot of our lower elevation ponds and reservoirs in the heat of the summer,” said ODFW Dan Van Dyke.

ODFW says it’s hasn’t seen 70 degree water temperatures in late May or early June in years. ODFW also cancelled a release of 1,500 trout into expo pond at the Jackson County Fairgrounds that was scheduled for the end of May.

The annual free fishing weekend event held there is cancelled this year due to scheduling conflicts at the fairgrounds. Lake Selmac already has been stocked with 15,000 legal sized trout this year