Troubles For Newly-Opened Cannabis Club

GRANTS PASS, Ore. — A 63-year-old Josephine County man, facing prosecution for allegedly selling medical marijuana, is now in trouble with the city of Grants Pass.

Larry Lacey recently opened this business on Northwest 6th Street, the “Southern Oregon Cannabis Club”. City code enforcement officials say he did not have proper permits for the operation, and the large sign out front may violate code rules for the city.

“If they want a certain kind of sign, then they need to check and make sure that’s within code first, and if it falls under a certain part of the code they have to pay additional fees, or something like that for the plan review,” said Grants Pass Police Lt. Dennis Ward.

Lacey faces another court hearing this Friday on two pending case in which he is alleged to have sold medical marijuana from an early storefront operation nearby this latest location.