Triple Digits for the Weekend

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Temperatures today have jumped between 5-10 degrees compared to yesterday afternoon. Many locations are in the 90’s, and some exceeded 100. The whole western half of the country as a whole, is seeing near record breaking temperatures. This heat wave is going to continue into the coming days as high pressure builds over the West.

Triple digit temperatures are expected for the second half of the weekend, with the hottest days being early next week. Record breaking high temperatures are most likely on the East Side and also Siskiyou County. More specifically this includes Mt. Shasta City, Yreka and Klamath Falls.

The hot and dry conditions are going to be a problem for the fire threat. The increasing temperatures are going to allow for humidities and fuel moistures to drop. Especially as the 4th nears, officials are urging Oregonians to refrain from using fireworks this holiday.

Beginning Sunday evening, moisture will move up from the South allowing for convection, or dry thunderstorms, to become a threat. This will be likely throughout much of the holiday week. The areas most likely to see any activity are the East Side, and possibly Siskiyou County.

It is very important during this heat wave to limit outdoor activity and take full advantage of the shade. Any outdoor work should be left for morning or evening hours. Make sure to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. Wear light colored and light weight clothing and never leave children or pets in your vehicles!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese