Tree Splits a Prospect Home

PROSPECT, Ore. — High winds and aging trees are not a good combination, according to a Prospect family. A tree nearly 100 feet long split through a home Saturday afternoon.

There were three trees connected at the base splitting through the house bringing down a power line. The tree was originally rooted along a creek bed.

“My grandson was here but he just walked to the store, just missed it. I just left to go to Medford and we got a call that a tree was through the house. They’ve just been here too long and time for them to come down,” said resident Alvin Cox.

The residents have homeowners insurance.


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  1. Caroline says:

    Al is a family member and graciously adopted two little boys that are now 4. They have lost everything… clothes, toys, furniture and so on. Yes, the home was insured but Al is a renter. He has no insurance to cover the furniture and belongings that were destroyed. The boys are devastated that they lost their toys and can’t go home.. Any help to clothe and refurbish is appreciated. Contact Polly by email to assist. pepperpolly@hotmail.com Thanks!

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