Tree Crashes Holiday Plans

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PROSPECT, Ore. — Jordan Paudios had just left his house in Prospect and was only blocks away when a tree came crashing through his home. The tree crashed through two bedrooms, a bathroom, a stairwell and the kitchen.

“It’s just a mess, I’m just grateful to be alive,” said Paudios. Paudios also said  he had just been in one of the bedrooms that was taken out by the tree.

“That’s where I sleep usually and the tree went through my bed and put it in a ‘V,'” said Paudios. His father was driving into town and was halfway to Shady Cove when he got the call.

“My first reaction was oh no, because I knew which tree it was, the one that had been bothering us, I knew it was going to come down, just didn’t know when,” said Steve Cox.

Cox says, typically on Saturday afternoons, there are family members throughout the house. However, this Saturday was different, and he is thankful no one was home at the time.

“Normally on a Saturday, we’re all running around here and the kids are up and down the stairs, and the tree fell right on the stairs, you know,” said Cox.

The timing of the tree fall is even more unfortunate considering the family’s holiday plans.

“We were going to have all the family up here for Thanksgiving, we got five brothers and sisters and their families and kids that was planning on this thing. It’s not going to happen here. At least not this year,” said Cox.

Insurance estimates on the damage to the house are not yet it.