Travelers May Get a Break in Gas Prices

gas prices(CNN) — The peak summer driving season is just weeks away, and already analysts have some good news. Analysts are reporting that family-road trips might get a little cheaper. If you’re planning on loading up the family SUV this summer for a trip, you may get a break on gas prices. Analysts are reporting they expect gas prices to fall.

It is hard to say how much, but Tom Kloza, the Chief oil analyst at Gasbuddy.com said a 5 to 10-cent reduction in the next few weeks is possible. Right now, the National average for a gallon of regular is $3.67 which is the highest price of the year, according to Triple A. It’s reported that gas prices jumped 12-cents in April, however, Kloza said most of the issues that could push gas prices up are likely over for now, and oil and gas inventories are near the highest point in decades. Because of that, the analysts think gas prices have probably seen their peak for at least the first half of the year.