Travel Troubles At Union Creek

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UNION CREEK, Ore. — Several inches of snow in the Union Creek-Prospect area forced cancellation of classes at Prospect Charter School.

It also led to a spin-out on Highway 62 at Union Creek that closed that highway in that area for nearly three hours. State police say the driver of this pickup truck pulling a horse trailer ignored chain restrictions, which led to the trailer jackknifing, which blocked the road.

“The signs are there. They indicate that chains are required, and even if you’re a 4 wheel drive vehicle, if you’re pulling a trailer as in this case a horse trailer, you are required to chain up both the pickup uh, the 4 wheel drive vehicle and the trailer as well,” said OSP Senior Trooper Jeff Walker.

No one was injured in this mishap, but traffic was backed up for several hours until a tow truck could move the pickup and horse trailer. Walker says the driver would likely receive a citation.