Trauma Counseling For Aurora Shooting

MEDFORD, Ore. — After the horrific shootings at the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ premiere in Aurora, Colorado, grief counselors were needed to help talk to family members of victims and other local residents.

A Medford doctor says that there aren’t that many of clinicians that have enough training to deal with an event of this magnitude. One center in particular in Colorado spoke with about 200 people within 24 hours of the shootings.

Doctor James Hammel at Asante in Medford says that clinicians have a general training of dealing with trauma; however, it isn’t at the level need for the shootings in Colorado. Dr. Hammel says there is the added possibility of re-traumatization of the Aurora community due to all of the media coverage.

Dr. Hammel says re-traumatization isn’t as common in individual trauma. Caregiver burnout can also be a problem when dealing with trauma of this magnitude. Counselors may find it challenging to work with trauma from an uncommon place like a movie theater.

Dr. Hammel went on to say that there simply aren’t enough people trained to help with this. As of about 2 years ago there was a need for another 45 thousand psychiatrists throughout the country.